Sun Series #1

Sun Series #1

Sunday, May 24, 2020

Doors and Windows

Barn Door (2011)

Barn Door at Sunrise (2011)

Sheltering in Place no. 55 (5/23/2020)

Sheltering in Place no. 6 (3/21/2020)

Sheltering in Place no. 8 (3/23/2020)

Sheltering in Place no. 41 (5/2/2020)

I have long been interested in doors and windows as a metaphor for access or entrance or escape.
They have appeared in my artwork since the early 1990's and continue today.
Sometimes the doors and windows are more literal.
Other times they are just openings in paper or fabric that reference a door or window.

In the "Sheltering in Place" series these openings keep popping up.
The use of stitching often emphasizes the opening.
There is a rhythm that stitching offers which is escapist in nature for me, taking me somewhere
outside of the isolation of staying at home so much.
Making a collage using random paper scraps, adding more information with
paint or colored pencil, to the meditation that is the stitching, this is what the whole
Sheltering in Place process is about for me.
It is not work about the pandemic.
It is work because of the pandemic.

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