Sun Series #1

Sun Series #1

Marie Bortolotto

Marie Bortolotto 2017

November fades,
white clouds hover
over my heart.

- Haiku by Marie Bortolotto 2017

"We must dream our way."
-Pablo Neruda
The above image is from Marie Bortolotto's blog.
She is a Canadian artist and apparently poet as well.

As I peruse her blog I see that she is inspired by poetry and prose as well as 
artists who are also so inspired.
There is such an energy and boldness, honesty, in her work that moves me.

In her artist statement she writes that her work is based on imagination, emotion and intuition that creates "a language deeper than words".
I want to talk that language.
I want to feel that depth of emotion when I work.
I want to be so intuitive that the work pours from me to the page in this same way.
But I must settle for the inspiration and feelings I get from the strength of her work.

By visiting her blog you can see images of her work and the poetry that she connects to the work.

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