Sun Series #1

Sun Series #1

Sunday, April 19, 2020

Light and Dark Days in Isolation

Sheltering in Place no. 24
Sheltering in Place no. 28
mixed media collage

As time goes on in our current state of staying in isolation I go back and forth emotionally between times that are light and those that are more dark.  While the imagery in my artwork remains primarily of an abstract nature recognizable imagery is beginning to appear.  That is probably a response to the changing seasons and the coming of spring.

This body of artwork remains a way for me to escape the constant media talk about the virus.
I have been posting them regularly on my instagram account and have just created a new instagram account solely for showing this work.  And as a way to document them without other posts.
You can follow the development of the series here.

I hope you all are well and staying safe.
I think I will now out the garden and plant some radishes!

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