Sun Series #1

Sun Series #1

Thursday, April 9, 2020

Arranging the Unarrangeable

"Sheltering in Place no. 13"
mixed media collage with paper, fabric and stitch

"That was what artists did, they arranged the unarrangeable
into something that made sense."    
                                        - Jodi Picoult from
A Spark of Light

That is what I think we all are doing right now as we try to make sense out of this global pandemic.
Even as I write this it seems so surreal.
Life is just currently unarrangeable, at least in the way we are used to doing things.
I think that is what all of my small collages are about.
I am having a hard time concentrating on larger art projects so arranging the flotsam and jetsam
of other artworks and remnants is something I feel I can achieve.
Just like making a small art work is gratifying...a beginning and an end...these collages
allow me to accomplish something in a time when other things resist being arranged.

Be well.  Be safe.

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