Sun Series #1

Sun Series #1

Friday, February 2, 2018


Valentine Cards

Ever since I got that HUGE electric bill for heating my studio when it was
so cold I have been trying to work in the house.
But I am finding lots of distractions like...
 refinishing a small table.
Or baking some cookies because it is cold out and cookies will make it okay.
Or reading.
Or knitting.
Or watching endless cooking and home improvement shows.

All of this tells you that I am not making much art.
But I did manage to make some valentines the other day.
I call these "No Hearts, just Handmade with Love" Valentines.
Maybe I needed the February 14th deadline to get myself motivated.

All in all, I am using this cold weather to recharge myself.
Thinking about projects and processes.
Gathering materials and ideas.
Hoping to get back to my studio routine.

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