Sun Series #1

Sun Series #1

Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Diagramming Sentences from A to Z!

"Diagramming Sentences
  from A to Z"
26 individual pages in a box
for display.
Pages measure about 7.5 x 11".

The artists book group I belong to, ABC, ( presents a book exhibit each year called Abecederia where the participants create a book that revolves around the letters in the alphabet.  The group is dedicated to promoting, encouraging and teaching contemporary and traditional artistic practices involved in making handmade books.

 This was a fun and challenging exhibit.   Part of the challenge for me, and I suspect for many of the members, is to find a way to use each letter of the alphabet in their project.  While one doesn't have to use every letter, the books need to clearly reflect the importance of the alphabet, whether it is one letter that is emphasized  or all of them.  Here is my entry for this year using the alphabet and remembering my love of diagramming sentences.

I really did love this activity.  It was a way to  visually represent the alphabet and seems to me now, and I think then, as an artistic endeavor.  I had a lot of fun creating crazy and implausible sentences using each letter of the alphabet.  I did have to consult a book about diagramming as it wasn't like riding a bike.  I forgot some of the rules.

I wanted the pages to reference the way we used to take turns diagramming the given sentences on the blackboard, hence the use of the black and white.  I smiled all though this project.

I did take some liberties with the "book" aspect as I did not bind the pages together.
I felt it would be easier to read as single pages and could also be displayed on a wall as opposed to on a pedestal.

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