Sun Series #1

Sun Series #1

Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Progress on the Idea in My head

The Idea in My Head has taken shape as a Sculpture

So this is where I was going with those elements that I showed a few posts ago...the wood box with pre-drilled holes, the flexible tubing, and the cocoons/pods I made from stained tea bags.  As I mentioned in that previous post, I wanted to do something organic that related to the idea of pods or cocoons but without being completely literal.  It has taken several months to get from the pods which I really enjoyed making to finding a way to use them that is to me "fresh".

I am not completely done with it but wanted to show the progress.  I need to fill the holes so the tubing looks like it is one with the wood.  I am not sure about having the box sit on top of another box as it is here.  But I needed a way to photograph the piece that would show how some of the pods/cocoons hang below the box.

No title yet, but I am open to suggests.

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