Sun Series #1

Sun Series #1

Monday, July 27, 2015

Materiality and Meaning

Sometimes I wonder how my artwork can take such different directions.  
Do these 2 pieces even seem like they were made by the same artist?

Right now my art practice is about trying to grow...growth in use of materials and growth in concept.As I look at these works I see the "bones" of what I normally do.  There is collaging and sewing, and the use or reference to fabrics. 

In the cocoon piece I wanted to use materials that I have an affinity for along with some unexpected materials like the plastic tubing.  The cocoons or pods, made from used tea bags, were the easy part in that I knew where I wanted to go with them; I know how to sew and embellish paper.  Presenting them as a sculpture is the departure seen especially in the use of the tubing.  As I worked, the sculpture took on this rather whimsical feel, due primarily to the nature of the tubing.  The materials drove the emotional or whimsical content.

The "Speak No Evil" relief also became sculptural as I wanted to use the layering I often do in two-dimensional works in a more physical and sculptural way. But the emotion and content of the piece was really driven by the fabric that is stitched over the mouth.  I wanted that to be as literal as possible.  Just as I was avoiding being too literal in the cocoon/pod piece, I was targeting the literal nature of sewing in this piece.

It seems to me that both pieces were driven by the materials I chose to use.
Materiality affects not only the meaning or content of the work but also the process in getting there.

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