Sun Series #1

Sun Series #1

Saturday, June 17, 2017

Ohio Collage Society Exhibit

"Flower Girl"
mixed media encaustic and collage on paper

This piece is part of the current Ohio Collage Society 's Annual member exhibit.
I was lucky enough to receive an award for it and have it pictured in a review in the Akron Beacon Journal.  The article was written by Anderson Turner,  Director of Kent State University's Galleries.
Thanks Ohio Collage Society and juror Arnie Turnstall, Director of Galleries for Akron University Myers School of Art. for the recognition!
The link to the article is below.

Thursday, June 15, 2017

Encaustic Vessels

"Old Testament"
encaustic on paper with collage
(from left to right:  Lot's Wife, Adam and Eve, Jezebel, Abel, David)

These vessels made with encaustic collage on paper will be on display at the Morgan (
as part of their Workshop Instructors' Exhibit from June 23-July 29, 2017.
I will be teaching encaustic on paper techniques at the Morgan July29-30th.
It is always fun to teach or take a workshop at the Morgan.
Great people, great place, great learning experience.

The show opens on Friday June 23 with an artist talk by some of the exhibiting instructors at 7:00 PM.
Maybe I will see you there!

Thursday, June 8, 2017


encaustic on paper
13 x 10"

When I was teaching college, I had a student in my Fiber's class who made several interesting projects where she repurposed clothing with silk screen and other surface design techniques.  One of her pieces was a raincoat where she silkscreened a row of houses onto the lining.  Of course she named the piece "Housecoat".

When I was looking for something in my studio one day...I spend a lot of time looking for things in my studio...I came across this drawing of a coat that I did a number of years ago. I thought of Amber and her housecoat project and added this house shape to my coat drawing transferring it to the drawing's waxed surface.
The house is from another one of my artworks that I photocopied.
Is that plant growing outside of the house?
Or is it growing inside?
A little bit of ambiguity and serendipity.

Tuesday, June 6, 2017

More "Sewing Ritual" Pieces

More from the "Sewing Ritual" series

I just looked at the date of my last post...middle of May!  Yikes!
But I have been working on these small pieces of encaustic monotype, collage and stitching.
Just behind in my posting.  As Spring and Summer arrive, more time is spent outdoors.
I would like to say that I will be more regular with my posting, but I can't promise.  I can only try.

For these pieces I am continuing to work with the same color palette throughout.
The size, 5x5", is a constant as well.
But the kinds of paper are a variable and affect the transparency of the colored wax.
In the bottom one, there is the addition of pen and ink so that the line quality can be more varied.

I am finding this work challenging in reference to the encaustic monotype and meditative when it comes to the stitching.
As I look at a grouping of them they seem to be taking on a naturalistic emphasis,
appearing like stones and leaves, land and sky.

The order of them will finally be determined as I see how the pieces interact with each other.
There may not be one definitive arrangement in the end.
I will wait for the pieces to 'speak to me' about that.

Sunday, May 14, 2017


"Sewing Rituals"
encaustic monotype and collage with hand stitching
5x5" each

I have been thinking about rituals a lot lately.
What is a ritual?
In what way is it different from a routine?

For me, routine implies something ordinary and habitual like that morning cup of coffee. Or taking a daily walk.
While these things are enjoyable, satisfying and done regularly, they don't seem to be ritualistic.
They are routine.  They are habits.
Ritual seems to be more about doing something that you love, something you really care about,
something that holds a special meaning or importance to you. A ritual is something that one might continue throughout the years because the ritual has become an integral part of who you are.

As I write this, I can still see that the two words, routine and ritual, are closely aligned.
Perhaps thinking about rituals such as weddings or liturgies, birthdays and holidays, comes closest to the kind of ritual meaning I am addressing.

For me, sewing has long been a part of my art practice.  It is more than habit or routine. It is an integral part
of my artwork and of how I think as an artist.
My art whether on fabric or paper, canvas or collage, often involves sewing.
Many times it is the part of the art making that I like best.
Often the sewing is what differentiates my mixed media work from that of other mixed media artists.
In that way, sewing is a ritual for me.

Wanting to make an artwork that speaks directly to that idea is the basis of the two pieces here.
They are the beginning of a work I am titling "Sewing Rituals".
I am not sure how large it will be or how long it will take.
It s not so much a daily practice.
It is more about the specific ritual, sewing, that in and of itself is the concept of the final artwork.

Monday, May 8, 2017


"Leaf Letters"
rusted and stained paper with Tulip Tree leaves and stitching


In preparation for my upcoming Rust, Bleach, Burn and Stain class at the Morgan Conservatory ( in August I have been working with these processes and having some fun!
The rusted bits came from some cans that my husband found in the desert in Arizona
when he was out there last fall.
The staining is from some loose tea that made this great bluish color.
The leaves are from out Tulip tree.  I love the decayed and fragile nature of them.
And I did the stitching with the thread I solar dyed in February.  The blue color of the thread came from black bean water.  Who knew?  Well, I am sure those who do a lot of natural dyeing know, but it was a surprise to me.

As I write this it is interesting to realize the geography and chemistry involved in this piece.
Cans that have been rusting in the Arizona sun and sand.
The natural decay of the leaves in my own back yard.
The effect of heat and organic matter on cotton thread.
A true display of Alchemy.

This piece will be in the Morgan's Instructor's show later this summer.

Thursday, May 4, 2017

Things One Can Count On

From the "Farmscape Series"
May Week 2

Yesterday, the first of Grandma's poppies opened up!
Last year the poppies weren't so plentiful and I was worried that they had run their course 
and were on the decline.  But as you can see there are more in the background and 
lots more around the corner. Lots more than last year. 

This artwork is from my Farmscape Series when I created one artwork each week for a 
year (2012) representing the changes on our farm.  
This one is a favorite and is in my family room right now.
It is mixed media collage and measures about 13 x 15".

I love watching the seasons change and the way I can count on the rhubarb to come up early and the dogwood to bloom just as most of the daffodils are ending.  The poppies are the first flowers to appear in the side garden announcing coming attractions:  day lilies, peonies, coreopsis and black eyed susans.