Sun Series #1

Sun Series #1

Friday, March 27, 2020

While in Isolation

"Sheltering in Place no. 8"
mixed media collage with stitch

I can't begin to count the number of times in the past week that I have read an email
 starting with "During these unprecedented times..." or some variation thereof.
I hope you all are coping and staying safe.
As for me, and maybe for others, this is how I used to refer to a snow day from school..."a gift of time."
Time that I could use to make art or catch up on tasks at home.
But in this situation I find that we are challenged with more than just a few days to fill.
We are a week or so in to staying home, really staying home, and the outlook is for more of the same.
Workshops I'm scheduled to teach are on hold or being cancelled.
Exhibits I am in are on hold or being postponed.

So, in the meantime here is what I am doing in isolation:
  • Making art.  That 's a given.  The piece above is from my "Sheltering in Place" series which  I started on the first day of staying home.  It is not really about the pandemic but more about using the time that has been given.
  • Updating my website, resume, and bio.   These have been on my To Do list for quite awhile so now is the time.
  • Photographing the work.  I usually do this as I go, but I don't always document the pieces with dates, sizes, etc.     That leads to the next job...
  • Organizing the art inventory.  I used to be really good about this.  Now I am really bad about it.  All the work is saved in my photo folder along with every other picture I have taken.  Bad, I know, I know.  So now I am working on at least getting the media, the sizes and descriptives on the images so I can more easily find them when I need them.  Maybe I will even get them into albums of related pieces or series.
  • Baking.    That's also a given.  Bread, muffins, granola, good old comfort baking.  Creative cooking is happening as well, as I find I don't have everything I need or want for certain recipes, so I have to make due. 
  • Reading.  I usually find time to read, but I am doing more of that.... reading the news because I should, but reading and enjoying books selected by my book club, books from my long list of 'wanna read', and art books I've had but only ever looked at the pictures.  There's some really good stuff in the written parts!
  • Gardening, yard work and weeding.   There is plenty of that to do here!  I already planted some peas and onions in the garden.  Soon I will start tomatoes and a few herbs in doors.  And there are still leaves that I did not get to in the fall. It is so good to be outside. 
  • Checking in with family and friends.      With all of this social distancing I am finding it helpful to text, email or call in order to stay connected.  If fact I am probably talking with family and friends more than normal, kind of a bonus turn of events.
  • And finally Washing my Hands All the Time!!  
Be safe.  Be well.

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