Sun Series #1

Sun Series #1

Sunday, March 22, 2020

Marking Time

oil and cold wax with collage on paper
30 x 22"

This piece is part of an ongoing series of work I am doing.
I did procrastinate the making of it.
It stared at me (and I at it) for over a month with very little happening.
But finally it came together.

It does seem rather appropriate for the times we are living with the current pandemic.
That is not what I was thinking about when I started the piece.  But I see now that the hash marks
are like the days we are spending in self imposed isolation or quarantine.

The origin of the the work is based in the story of Penelope who waited years for Odysseus to return from war.
In order to avoid having to take another husband to rule the country Penelope procrastinates,
saying she will select someone when she finishes the weaving she is working on.
So she weaves the tapestry by day and unweaves it by night in order to avoid making the decision.

While we are not really procrastinating we are definitely marking time
in unprecedented numbers in our own homes for the good of all.
May we all be safe.

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