Sun Series #1

Sun Series #1

Saturday, February 8, 2020


Feb. 8, 2020

"The Weight of Winter - Jan 26"
oil and cold wax on paper
mounted on board with collage
15.5 x 12"

This is the last painting in this series even though as you can see from the photo of my yard
it is still winter here.  After a week of unseasonable weather, the snow has returned.
While I have no intention of painting the actual landscape I have been inspired in all of the pieces
by the way the horizon line divides the painting into a dark area vs. a light area.
The paintings have been both fun and a challenge which is always a good sign to me.

Originally I did this series as a way to learn about working with oil and cold wax.
Now I want to work on some larger pieces with these materials.
It will be slow going as I build up the layers.
Stay tuned and wish me luck!

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