Sun Series #1

Sun Series #1

Friday, April 26, 2019

"Then and Now: 1955 / 2019"

"Then: 1955"
mixed media collage in found  window frame
(side 1)
24 x 24"

"Now: 2019"
mixed media collage in a found window frame
24 x 24"
(side 2)

I'm not sure what drives me to make 2-sided works.
They are certainly hard to display.
This one's presentation was a bit easier as I knew from the beginning it would either be suspended
or stand on some kind of base.

Self Portraits are always a bit challenging.
One has to be willing to reveal some inner thoughts, emotions and some kind of imagery that references self.
I really don't like having my picture taken so I opt for an image that is self referential instead of a photo.
Therefore the "Then" side incorporates drawings I did of my granddaughter while the "Now" side uses photos of a torso sculpture I did several years ago and have photographed and reused many times including in
 my artist's book titled "Self Portrait at Sixty".
The face you see in the third window pane on the top row is an image I have used for over 25 years
 to represent myself.  I like the continuity of repeated and reinvented imagery which keeps the work
both ongoing and current.

While my blogging and posting on Instagram have slowed waaaay down, I am still working both on small collages and larger more conceptual work.  As always I appreciate your comments and your taking the time to read this blog.

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  1. Beautiful flow of creative energies evolving and revealing the soul of your processes. Imagine and live in peace.