Sun Series #1

Sun Series #1

Sunday, January 13, 2019

Art with Benefits

Winter Dandelions
mixed media collage: paper substrate with fabric and stitch

Winter Dandelions
mixed media collage: fabric substrate with paper and stitch

Small collages are always a good way for me to get back in the groove.
Just playing around here with techniques I know and hoping to build from this.

I am currently working in my pop-up studio in the house as it is too cold and too expensive
to heat my real studio.  I have set things up in a bedroom and except for the constant
running out to the studio to get "one more thing" it is working okay.
That's the thing with mixed media...
you can always add another layer, another media, anther technique, another collage element.
Not that these two pieces are so involved but I always think of something else that I need that isn't in the house.
I will think of it as art with benefits...exercise!

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