Sun Series #1

Sun Series #1

Friday, September 14, 2018

Adventures in Printmaking Continued

mixed media collagraph on paper
12 x 8"
I have been concentrating on collagraph prints for the past two weeks.
A collagraph is made up of low relief materials that are collaged onto a sturdy board, then sealed, inked, and wiped.  The plate is printed on either wet paper or fabric most often using a printing press.

I worked with collagraphs a lot when I was in graduate school and then as a college teacher, but haven't done much with that technique in the past few years, so it was time to uncover the press and get to work.

Part of my experimenting has been seeing how I could incorporate the other media I like to work with once the collagraph is printed.  
The above piece includes some watercolor, colored pencil and collage.

"Blue-Eyed Gardener"
mixed media collagraph
14 x 14"

This piece is on cotton fabric with a second print of the handkerchief on organza.
The face is a transfer, the plants were inked and printed directly to the cotton fabric and then the two
pieces were stitched together.

I am having fun, working without the pressure of making something that is exhibit ready.
But I have put some pressure on myself to work on some aspect of printmaking each day in September.
So far, so good.

Soon I will be moving on to mono type.
Thanks for reading!

You can see more of the collagraph prints on my Instagram page.

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