Sun Series #1

Sun Series #1

Wednesday, July 18, 2018

Does This Count?

Solar Dyed Threads

So...I am on my "Self Made Residency" home.
It is July.
And while the upkeep in the garden is at a minimum, the harvesting and production is not.
Cucumbers arte begging to be turned into pickles.
Green beans need to be blanched.
Onions and garlic need to be harvested and hung out to dry.
Everything needs to be watered daily and I won't even mention weeding.
Probably not happening.

So my time is really not totally for art making.
But I did manage to solar dye some silk threads.
I used petunias, marigolds, onion skins (of course), and purple day lilies.
The image above is my result.

I do like to work with these solar dyed threads.
They add a person touch to my stitching.

So my question is...Does this count as making art during my residency?
I hope so, because that along with making dill pickles, blanching green beans, and hanging the onions out to dry is what
I accomplished today.

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