Sun Series #1

Sun Series #1

Tuesday, June 26, 2018

Keeping All of the Balls in the Air

"Finding a Balance"
mixed media collage on paper

Do you ever find it difficult to get everything done or find time to do all that you want to do?
I do and I find it so true at the change of seasons, especially the change from spring into summer.
I have all of this studio work that I want to do. Projects that are partially done, others that are barely started or ones that are almost complete. And of course there are all of the ones in my head!
But now it is summer and I want to get the garden going and add to the perennial flower beds.
Not to mention weeding and mowing.
And what about family and friends or time to go on a vacation?
Isn't summer about vacation and relaxing?

So you can see that finding the balance between all of these activities can be difficult.  At least it is of me.
It is as if I am constantly juggling, well, life.
Sometimes I just need to slow down.
Take something out of the equation. (Probably something like cleaning will have to go!)
Look at gardening as a creative activity, an art project for the summer, which I truly believe it is.
Make small rather than large artworks in order to feel that sense of accomplishment in the studio.

I really don't want to give anything up.
I think that is the problem. day at a time.
Today it is time with a friend, a little bit of weeding, and some stitching tonight.
I will have touched enough of the bases to keep the balls in the air.

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