Sun Series #1

Sun Series #1

Wednesday, March 21, 2018


"Sticks and Stones"
13 x 8 x 2"
encaustic mixed media collage with natural elements

I have created several works that involve sticks and stones, some with the addition of bones
referencing that child hood saying :
"Sticks and stones may break my bones,
but words will never harm me."
In these pieces my concept suggests that while sticks and stones can hurt someone,
words can do harm as well.

But this piece and another previous work with just sticks and stones, no bones, is about the beauty and essence
of these natural elements.  The use of encaustic wax to layer the papers allows the book pages used as an initial background to show through and references the fact that paper is made from trees.
There is another rather transparent Japanese handmade paper with leaves imbedded in it
that again makes reference to the trees.
While the sticks in this piece are a fragile element, they do come from a larger plant form of greater strength.

The stones are large and dark and heavy suggesting strength that is greater than the fragile sticks.
  But adhering the stones to the hollow in the box form
suggests a certain fragility as well as a balancing act that would not be possible without the wax,
 which binds and holds everything together.

 Nature is often a balancing act between the fragile and that which is solid and strong.
Life can be like that too.
One often needs a glue or adhesive that will connect and protect both that which is
delicate and that which appears to be strong.
Finding that glue is key.

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