Sun Series #1

Sun Series #1

Thursday, May 4, 2017

Things One Can Count On

From the "Farmscape Series"
May Week 2

Yesterday, the first of Grandma's poppies opened up!
Last year the poppies weren't so plentiful and I was worried that they had run their course 
and were on the decline.  But as you can see there are more in the background and 
lots more around the corner. Lots more than last year. 

This artwork is from my Farmscape Series when I created one artwork each week for a 
year (2012) representing the changes on our farm.  
This one is a favorite and is in my family room right now.
It is mixed media collage and measures about 13 x 15".

I love watching the seasons change and the way I can count on the rhubarb to come up early and the dogwood to bloom just as most of the daffodils are ending.  The poppies are the first flowers to appear in the side garden announcing coming attractions:  day lilies, peonies, coreopsis and black eyed susans.  

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