Sun Series #1

Sun Series #1

Monday, February 20, 2017

Going Back In Order to Move Forward

This past week I spent some time reworking one of my own older quilt pieces.  It was made up of a vintage quilt that someone in my family had made but never finished quilting because they used the wrong batting and backing. Too hard to stitch!  I added more stitching, some polaroid transfers that I was doing at the time and left lots of the batting showing.  Thought I was being rather daring! 

The piece spent several years in a friend's book store where is got a lot of sun causing it to fade, which looks kind of cool, adding another dimension to the identity of this piece. 

I have taken it apart and am using the various sections in new work.  The piece at the top is the first one I made and the piece at the bottom is where I am right now with this transformation.  The more abstract piece in the lower view is where I wanted to go when I started.  There are 3 or 4 other pieces in between these 2, so you can see it took a while to get here.

I am hoping to push this painted and stitched fabric idea further and make it larger.

 A few posts ago when I started deconstructing quilts I titled the post "Remnants of a Another Life". Looks like I am returning, revisiting that former life again with all of the stitching and use of quilts.
Hopefully I am moving forward into new creative territory.

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