Sun Series #1

Sun Series #1

Wednesday, January 4, 2017

My Default Setting

"Hiding From Winter"
mixed media on paper

Mixed media work and collage are my default settings.
As much as I want to draw and paint, I feel most comfortable and feel I make my best work
when I can use lots of materials and when I can collage materials to a substrate whether that be
paper, canvas, wood or fabric.  Even my assemblages are done in this way.

How then do I grow as an artist? 
I don't want to just repeat a familiar and comfortable technique.
I want to use this way of working as a springboard and go beyond what I am so familiar with doing.

The challenge to myself in the new year is to see if I can take collaging and mixed media to a place
that is less comfortable or easy but getting results that I am happy with.  Results that feel like
growth and a new place.  

To this end I want to use unexpected materials.  This piece for example has plaster on it 
to create some textures.  It is risky to use plaster on paper as it is prone to cracking and flaking off.
In contrast to using unexpected materials I want to use the "normal" collage materials in     unexpected ways.
Layering is always an important aspect to my work.  I want to continue that but raise the bar 
on the way I layer or the kinds of materials I use to layer the work.

It is good to commit to paper some of these ideas before and throughout my working process.
It keeps me thinking.  It keeps me honest.  
Articulating the ambiguousness of the process makes it more concrete.


  1. This is so attractive in many levels. The white space, the texture, which I'm sure is more evident in person, and the overall design. Beautiful and your title is wonderful.

  2. Thanks, Linda. I am trying to work from my gut, so to speak. And be more intuitive, not relying on imagery. I appreciate the feedback. It's not encaustic but very easily could be.