Sun Series #1

Sun Series #1

Monday, December 26, 2016

Finished...I think

"Remnants of Another Life"
30 x 40"
Fabric, Acrylic Paint and Stitching on Canvas

Finally finished this large piece.
At least it is large for me.                                                                                    
I know it is pretty light, just the two colors.
But I think there is enough contrast.
Using the remnant of a quilt with exposed sections of batting and torn areas is what I was going for.
There is stitching from the quilt itself and then some hand stitching I added.  You can see some of that
in the detail below.
I have a few more ideas like this that I want to work on.
But I know there will be small works done along with the big one.
That's just the way I seem to work.    

Remnants of Another Life (detail)

Thursday, December 22, 2016

Encaustic Vessels

Encaustic on Paper Vessel
approximately 6x4x4"

I am making a grouping of these that will display together.
The images are from drawings of faces I did a while ago.
The original drawings are on old calendar and map pages so they have some underlying information on them.
I transferred them to thin paper so I could make the boxes /vessels semi-transparent.
This one has a sheer fabric with a floral design over top of the portrait on the box.
That is where the color comes from in this piece.

They would probably look cool with a light inside of them but that is not where I am going.
But they will each have an object inside that references the character of the person.
More on that later.

Thursday, December 15, 2016

3D Encaustic on Paper

Paper Vessel: "Adam and Eve"
collage on paper

As I get ready for my workshop at The Morgan Paper Conservatory in Cleveland, I have been
making both 2D and now some 3D pieces.  The papers I am using have a great deal of transparency which create really
nice effects in these vessels/boxes.

Thursday, December 8, 2016

The Seduction of Rust

Rust, Bleach, Burn, Stain

I had fun yesterday making some samples for an upcoming 2017 workshop.
In August, I will be teaching a class at The Morgan Paper Conservatory in Cleveland titled
"Rust, Bleach, Burn and Stain".
Just as the title implies we will be using all of these techniques to distress and enhance paper
that can be used for collage, printmaking, etc.

I did some samples for each individual technique and then wanted to make one example
that included all of them.  You can join me for this fun workshop next summer by checking out the Morgan's
If you can't wait until summer for a workshop I will be teaching Encaustic on Paper in January and February,
also at The Morgan.

Saturday, December 3, 2016

Presentation Issues

mixed media encaustic and collage on paper
6 x 12" unframed

I've been working on presentation of these small
encaustic on paper pieces.  They can't be simply
matted under glass if there is a possibility of  the
glass touching the artwork.  Also mounting them
can be problematic because adhesives don't want
to stick to the wax.

I did a little research and hinge mounting them
with linen adhesive backed tape seemed the best
route to go.  I fold the hinge tape in half length
wise and attach that to the back of the artwork.
Then I imbed the tape with wax to the back of the
piece, being careful not to disturb wax that might
affect the artwork.  Once that is cool
and solid I can attach the top half of the hinge
tape to the mounting board.
This method seems to be working on light
weight pieces
but would not be good for heavier works
as the weight of the collage elements and the
wax would not be supported by a band of wax.

The image of the framed work shows it in a
shadow box type frame so the artwork which floats
on its mounting board is also recessed a good
1/4" from the glass.

"Vine" framed

Thursday, December 1, 2016

Squares and Circles: It's Elementary!

Two Squares, Three Circles
mixed media encaustic on paper
6 x 12"

More encaustic on paper.  Having a great 
time back in the studio again.  I'm
enjoying working and experimenting
with encaustics in prep for my workshop at
the Morgan in January and the 5 day
class I will teach at Peter's Valley NJ
in August.
So excited to be teaching at both of these 
great places!