Sun Series #1

Sun Series #1

Monday, September 19, 2016

The Damaged Corner of My Heart
acrylic paint, oil crayon and ink on canvas

This is the first piece in this series where a name for the piece developed as I worked.
I most often work from a concept or theme which drives the work.
In these black and white abstracts my intention was to just play with the black and white and the forms to create compositions and work on my painting skills.  That is why they have been untitled thus far.
Also something I hardly ever do.

But some discussions at my art group about titling work and how each of us begin a piece (working from a concept or working playfully with the materials)  caused me to go back to working from a concept which is what I prefer to do.
There is nothing that says I can't experiment and play within a concept.
So that is where this series is going to go.

 I struggled for a few days with a theme for all of the pieces I had created thus far and have settled on
"The Weight of Memory" as the overriding concept for the work.
The organic forms seem to be heavy and stone-like so that is where the idea of weight comes in.
Memory has been a big part of my work for 10+ years.
I like the idea that memory is an intangible, fleeting, shape-shifting, nebulous kind of thing which is in stark contrast to something solid, heavy and weighty.  I think the contrasts will enhance the development of each piece and drive the work making it more personal and hopefully richer and more layered.

I will repost the previous pieces soon with the titles I have settled upon each individual work.
In the meantime you can check out the black and white series so far on my website.

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