Sun Series #1

Sun Series #1

Saturday, August 13, 2016

Making Another Appearance

"In Her Closet"

The dresses from my series, "In Her Closet" are making another appearance.
This time at the Little Art Gallery at Bowling Green State University Firelands in Huron Ohio.
This small and intimate space allows for the installation to really reflect the is as if
the dresses are in a small walk-in closet.

The dresses have been installed in 5 very different venues,
allowing them to take on the qualities the space has to offer.
That is the beauty of an installation.  The space becomes a very large part
of how the work is seen and perceived.
Currently at BGSU Firelands the white walls and the lighting from above really make for an
intimate experience.  Simple and solitary, imparting emotional qualities that enhance
the titles that suggest various individual human and emotional characteristics.

The show runs from August 15 until September 20, 2016.
Little Art Gallery BGSU Firelands
1 University Dr.
Huron OH  

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