Sun Series #1

Sun Series #1

Thursday, May 5, 2016

Accidental Creativity

Paper Before
Deconstructed Silk Screening  6x6"

Paper After
Deconstructed Silk Screening  6x6"

As in the fabric silk screen piece the encaustic medium dulled down the  richness of the color and the mark making.
Maybe if you don't see the "before", the "after" can stand on its own.

I do like (make that 'love') the fact that the deconstructed process creates designs that I could not think up.  Or if I did manage to think of such beautiful designs, I wouldn't be able to implement the intricacies of them.  The colors also change as the screen is used over and over, releasing the dye in new and unexpected ways.
This is the beauty of accidental creativity.

Now on to experiments with collaging, adding paint or other media that will enhance the marks that the silk screening creates.

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