Sun Series #1

Sun Series #1

Sunday, March 6, 2016

To Title or Not To Title

mixed media on paper
22 x 30"

I had a title for this piece.  And I liked it.
I didn't write it down!
Now I am racking my brain to remember it.
Until I remember or until I think of a new title it will remain untitled.

As my former students will tell you, I used to encourage them to title their work.
Some of that philosophy comes from the fact that I am an educator and sometimes I think we need to help the viewer along with a title that might let them into one's process.  I know that I often appreciate a title, especially when it comes to abstract work.  Even if the title is also a bit abstract, it still lets me into the mind of the artist.

I know that titling work is a personal choice.
I make a conscious effort to title my work.  Sometimes it is something that enables one to decipher the work.
Sometimes it lends some emotional content or a reference to my personal thought process while working.
Or in this case, it will be after the fact!

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