Sun Series #1

Sun Series #1

Friday, January 15, 2016

Divergence: Points of Departure

"Divergence: Points of Departure"
Installation at Kent State University Stark, September 2015
Susan McClelland and Clare Murray Adams

Susan and I have been friends for a long time and we both have used fiber as a material in our art processes although often in very different ways.  We decided to do a collaboration with  fiber as the main material and to make it sculptural in nature.  The parameters included starting with an embroidery hoop as an armature, sharing materials but not working on each others pieces and sharing a color palette.  We live a good 70 miles apart so we would get together occasionally and look at what we had made, discuss, and decide how to move forward.  My earlier pieces were more flat but but got more dimensional as I started deconstructing the hoop...cutting it apart and reordering the pieces.  Susan's pieces were consistently more dense than mine because of the kinds of materials she uses...plastics that she sews and adds fabric and other materials to.  We both made some of the "tendrils' that the pieces hang from and that help create the overall environment of the installation.

We will be showing this work again at Stocker Art Gallery at Lorain County Community College from February 24 until March 23 , 2016.  We are adding a few floor pieces to the installation as well as some drawings that the installation inspired.  As with many installations they take on a a new look depending upon the space in which the work is displayed.  We are excited to see the second permutation of the work next month.  I will post some more images in late February of the installation at LCCC.  Until then I will be posting some of our drawings.

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