Sun Series #1

Sun Series #1

Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Reworking the Unsuccessful

Reworked "Remnants no. 004"

Following a critique of this piece and a lot of thought I reworked it, adding some more fabric and details to the sculptural top left area. The consensus was that in its original form it felt incomplete, unfinished and missing the kind of information I usually include that helps create a narrative.  I think I was so caught up in the sculptural form of the work that I  stopped working on it too soon.
Below is what the original looked like.
I would be interested in hearing your thoughts about this piece. 
Or about reworking pieces in general.   
"When is a work finished?"
"Will I ruin it if I keep going?"
"Do I stick with my original idea/intent or should I let the work dictate the progress?"

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  1. Such a provocative posting; great food for thought. I think, as much as anything, experience over time helps us know a) when it's finished and b) No! I will not ruin it if I keep going and c) the work always has to dictate the process. I have had plenty of pieces that I needed to let sit for awhile, because I knew they weren't finished, but I wasn't sure where to go next. That is why I feel comfortable having several pieces going at once! It's part of my process. I have also had plenty of pieces that have evolved as I work. In fact, I think that usually happens. The piece tells me what it is about as it reveals itself. All I have to do is keep working.