Sun Series #1

Sun Series #1

Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Growth with Authenticity

Remnants no.004
fabric, wire mesh, hydrocal and encaustic paint on board

The base of all of the Remnant pieces (so far) is a cradled board.
It is providing the hard and strong structure that I need to support the weight of the hydrocal and wax.
I found with this piece that I need to look for a sturdier wire component as the weight of the hydrocal and wax on this thin wire mesh really was a bit too heavy, because I extended it so far off the board.
But I was really after that curled edge on the upper right which the thin wire mesh allowed me to do.

These pieces have been fun and challenging.  That is what the art process is about for me...working with new materials and techniques yet trying to allow my collage and mixed media voice to stay true.
Growth with authenticity.


  1. Love reading about your process. I have never heard of hydrocal!

  2. Me either, but John used it a sculpture project at Kent and had some left. I am finding it not as "dusty" as regular Plaster of Paris and lots harder.