Sun Series #1

Sun Series #1

Friday, July 24, 2015

Speak No Evil

Speak No Evil (detail) 

Speak No Evil

This is one of the three projects that I mentioned awhile ago that I would be working on simultaneously with 2 other works.  The other 2 projects are the accordion fold book called "Botanical Lies" (not done yet!  Side one is complete and I need to get back to the reverse side.)  And the one I have named for now as
"The Idea in My Head", the sculptural piece with organic tubes and cocoons.

For this piece, "Speak No Evil",  I worked from an original drawing that I did a few years ago which I wanted to update and present in a new way.  I copied the drawing using my printer and then cut up and glued the parts onto 6 different boards of different depths.
I often rework or reuse artworks in my practice.
I find this keeps me authentic, working from my own work and not using work, images or fragments of other peoples' work, which is something that a collage artists can easily do.
The collaged pieces on the board are painted with black and white acrylic paint and enhanced with pen and ink.
The cording that "sutures" her mouth closed was done by drilling and sewing the sutures with a black cord that extends beyond the edges of the boards in some places.  I really wanted the cording to extend beyond the confines of the 6 boards.

This piece has allowed me to go beyond the layering of paint on the surface of the paper to layering that becomes more three dimensional.

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