Sun Series #1

Sun Series #1

Saturday, February 28, 2015

The Promise of Spring

From the Farmscape Series:  April Week 3

With all of this snow and cold, cold weather, I am looking forward to weeks like this one...warmer weather, warm colors,  grass growing (even though I know I will eventually have to mow it), the promise of fruit on the vines,
 and even dandelions!
This piece is from the Farmscape series I did a few years ago, where I made one 2-sided collage each week throughout the year.  They were all mixed media works with fabrics, paper, stitching, and paint.  This one even incorporates a found piece of cross stitching.  As I made each collage I would take a walk around the farm or look at my gardens for inspiration.
The colors in the work pictured here reflect what I saw that week as I worked on the collage.
It is good to look at this piece and know that the promise of spring is out there!

This piece measures 11x15" and comes matted to 15x19", unframed and is priced at $135 with free shipping!
As with all of the Farmscapes they are 2-sided so there is another work on the back!!  A deal for you.
For purchase information email me.

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