Sun Series #1

Sun Series #1

Monday, February 9, 2015

Letting the Work Speak to Me

Planar Analysis
Part of the Upcycle Series

This is what developed from the "before" picture I posted on February 6th.
It certainly took a different path than I thought it would!
There is a lot of history here, meaning that I really worked to get to this point.
And almost everything that was in the original piece of the old painting I was upcycling
got buried.  The only recognizable remaining part is the rectangle in the upper left corner.
In the original that rectangle was on the bottom left, so even the final orientation is different as well.

Below is a reminder of what the work looked like when I started.
Sometimes I just have to let go and allow the work do the talking.
This piece said "I do not want to be about small triangles."
Over all the final piece is a good example of letting intuition have its say.

This piece is 6x6" and priced at $75 including shipping to the US.  To purchase please email me.

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