Sun Series #1

Sun Series #1

Sunday, February 8, 2015

Down Memory Lane

From the Collage-a-Day Series:  Boys and Girls

In 2005 I made one collage everyday for a year.
These pieces measure 5.5 x 8" and are mixed media collages.
Each one had a piece of a journal I had found at a flea market and was stamped with the date
using one of those stamping devices that they used to use when you check out your library books.
I am showing my age here!

I did not miss a day but promised my self that if I did there would be a blank 5.5 x 8" card in its place.
I also would not allow myself to work ahead or work behind.  The pieces had to be done that day.
During that year I drove to Wyoming for a residency and checked into motels along the way with my very small bag of clothing, toothbrush, etc. and a large box of collage "stuff".
I also got married in June and made a collage that day.
So you could say I was driven not to have that blank card show up!

These pieces are on my Etsy site and selling for just $5.00.
I keep adding pieces every few weeks.
They are unframed but can easily be mounted and framed to your own tastes.

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