Sun Series #1

Sun Series #1

Thursday, February 12, 2015

Always a Fiber Artist!

Quilt Patches & Yarn Balls     2012
14 x 16 x .75"

Since I have been showing small works that incorporate plaster / joint compound and
encaustic paint, I thought I would show an older work that used those materials.
I used the reverse side of a cradled board and built the top surface and small openings using
foam core and mat board.
I am a fan of deteriorating walls and find beauty in those layers that reveal what is below
the surface of an exterior.
There is a certain tension created by inserting soft objects into the rough and worn wall like structure.
Both the objects inserted and the outer wall have texture but in contrast to each other.
Just as the colors inside are in high contrast to the white outer wall.

Somehow I often find a way to incorporate fiber into my artwork.
Once a fiber artist, always a fiber artist.
At least that is true for me!

This piece is 14x16x.75" and is priced at $225 including shipping to the US.  For purchase information please  email me.

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