Sun Series #1

Sun Series #1

Sunday, January 18, 2015

What Does it Mean to Work in Series

I often work in a series.  I like the idea of making works that relate to each other in some way.  How they relate is often up to interpretation.  The "Sun Series" I started this blog with were easily related by the size of the format, the use of the sun imagery, and sometimes by color.  In the weekly studies I have been posting it might be harder to see the "series".  It is most evident in the size of the pieces, the fact that the small collages float inside the framework, and that they are mixed media collage.  But there is no imagery or content that easily carries the idea of series.  Al least that is the way many might see it.  As the artist, they relate for me for all of the above reasons and in the fact they are experimental works in collage and that they each have part of a calendar in them relating them to a day of the week.

Working in a series is important to me as I can see what is developing in terms of ideas, materials, imagery, colors and techniques.  One piece leads to the ideas for another.  Sometimes they are clearly related.  Other times, not so they often take on a life of their own.

I have photographed the one week of collage studies I have been doing in various arrangements.  It was harder to put them together in small groupings that worked together than when I photographed the "Sun Series" because I did not think about color and relationship as much as I did in the Sun Series.
I was out for just plain experimentation and fun.  So you can decide if these work as a series for you or not.

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