Sun Series #1

Sun Series #1

Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Upcycle no. 3

Seven Up

This was a struggle and it shows.  The composition with my recycled painting was awkward to begin with.  I was trying to work with raised areas as well as that more flat area on the right.  I don't think it all came together for me.  I do like the stitching  in the white rectangle on the lower left and the use of wire which you can barely see in this photo.

There is always the question of whether one should abandon a work or see it through to the end. I chose to see it through and then to reveal it to the world!   Sometimes I need some distance and time away from the work to see what is going on and to see its value.  I think it remains to be seen if this piece stands up to the rest of the work in this crazy "Upcycled Series".

This piece is 6x6" and priced at $75 including shipping.  To purchase please email me.

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