Sun Series #1

Sun Series #1

Friday, January 16, 2015

That Two Inches Can Make a Difference!

Friday's Study

My week of doing small collage studies is coming to an end with only a Saturday study remaining.
While the mixed media paintings in the Sun Series I did were also small at 6x6",
I found the 4x4" size of these collages to be a lot more challenging.
 I didn't think that 2 inches would make much of a difference.
But it really did for me.  I found the 4x4" surface kind of inhibiting and often confining.
There just wasn't as much space to work with and it really affected
the size of the collage papers I could chose from.
I did manage to use some large lettering in this piece which I think works.
The strength of the red zipper helps to balance that out.
These exercises have helped me appreciate intimate works that I see other artists doing!

This piece is 6x6" and priced at $35 including shipping.  For purchase information please email me.

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