Sun Series #1

Sun Series #1

Friday, January 23, 2015

Flying by the Seat of My Pants

January Study: Scissors
This piece is 20 x 20" and priced at $150 including shipping to the US.  To purchase please email me.

This is another piece where I am experimenting with materials that I don't normally use.  But how else can I grow if I stick with the tried and true?  This piece also has the "dreaded" bubble wrap in it along with plastic lace from a plastic table runner.  (Aside:  I bought this plastic table runner for the sole purpose of using it in my artwork.  My original intention was to ink it up and print with it or to use it as a stencil of some sort, which I have done.  I never thought I would incorporate it into an artwork!)

So flying by the seat of my pants I experimented with these plastic and disposable materials along with free form stitching, trying to draw with the sewing machine.  Clearly, I need more practice in this area.  But I think it has possibilities for me in future work, although I really prefer hand stitching in my work.  

In response to a conversation Lynn Digby ( and I are having on our blogs this piece, while a response to the materials and the process, was a struggle...a big one.  It is often beneficial to just play with materials and processes, but not always the most direct route to an end product.  I think that the media in which I work, mixed media collage and encaustic paint, sort of encourage the unpredictable.  And when I am not working with literal imagery the play becomes more important.  But it is not always easy, fun or without some measure of artistic pain.  But worth the effort for me.

Here is another example of work where I used the plastic table runner which I find to be more aesthetically pleasing.  I had a concept in mind, so I was driven by that.  There was some measure of play involved but I had a final product in mind, something that I wanted to convey.  The piece is entitled "Childhood Fears".  It is a collagraph print on fabric with chemical transfers, the plastic lace, a zipper and a tape measure.  

I invite you to join in our conversation.  I would love to know what you think about process and product.  Thanks, Lynn for your support and comments.  You are such an insightful viewer of art.  I learn so much from you.

Childhood Fears
18 x 20" collograph print on fabric, transfers, acrylic paint, found ephemera
This piece is priced at $105 including shipping to the US.  For purchase information please email me.


  1. No, I'm learning from you. It's very good to watch YOUR process and very, very good to see the end results being so compelling. I know it's not always easy or fun. Possibly those were the wrong words. I do see it as freeing and thrilling, though. And you're right about taking risks. I think that's essential. I agree that doing something that is safe because you know you can isn't as interesting as flying by the seat of your pants. I still am envious. Because truly, you're flying!

  2. I feel encouraged! As always, thanks.