Sun Series #1

Sun Series #1

Tuesday, January 20, 2015


Adirondack Chair (front)

I like collage.
I like working in a series.
I like challenging myself to create work over an extended time period.

So in 2011 I made one two-sided collage each week that reflected the seasonal changes taking place on the farm where I live.  In the process I walked around the farm or noticed things I usually just passed over.  The results were 50 collages with artwork on both sides of the page.

The reason these developed into two-sided pieces was because I sewed fabric and paper onto one side which affected the opposite side. When I turned the paper over there were these cool shapes that I could respond to with other collaged elements and paint.  I also found that one side of      
Adirondack Chair (back)
each collage was lighter in color and sometimes in sentiment, than the opposite side.   It wasn't until I was a month or so into the series that I realized I had a presentation issue on my hands.  How does one display 2D works that have 2 sides.  As you saw in the post on Thursday, Jan. 8th one solution was to suspend them from the ceiling so that both sides could be viewed.  Currently I am selling them with both sides having a mat around them so one can simply turn the piece over, having two artworks for the price of one!

15 x 19" matted,  $135 includes shipping.

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