Sun Series #1

Sun Series #1

Saturday, January 24, 2015

A Day Like Today

 It is rather gray and overcast today here on the farm.  We have lots of days like this in January and February.

The artwork on the left is another from my "Farmscapes" where I created a collage on both sides of the paper.  If you look at some of the major shapes and areas on the front you can find the matching shape or area on the opposite side of the artwork.

Example:  The square storm cloud on the top right on the front side is reflected in that same rectangular shape on the top left below.

The stitching outline that suggests a  house shape above is more complete and painted in on the bottom or back side of the work.

When I sell these I put a mat on both sides so the purchaser can easily turn the work around to display the other side.  They come matted but unframed.

This piece is 13x15" and priced at $135 including shipping.  To purchase email me.

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