Sun Series #1

Sun Series #1

Sunday, January 19, 2020

Artistic License

The Weight of Winter - Jan. 15
oil and cold wax with collage on panel
15.5 x 12"

I'm still finding my way with the oil paint and cold wax, noticing that this
mixture responds differently on the rigid panel than it does on the Arches oil paper.
I want to use these panels since I have several of them so on future pieces
I will be adhering some paper to a few of the boards.

During the past week the winter I observed outside my windows was gray and overcast.
Much of the week while painting I could see dull brown and light green grass.
The bare branch in the work is a nod to the possibilities of Spring.
And the evidence of high winds which ripped branches from the trees in our yard.
On January 15th as I was closing in on finishing the painting we had a dusting of snow,
so hence the white, which truth be told I really wanted in there whether it had snowed or not.
Some actual observation.
Some memory of winters past.
Some artistic license.
Enough said.

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