Sun Series #1

Sun Series #1

Monday, January 12, 2015

Remembering October on this Snowy January Day

Since I just installed a collection of my Farm-
 scapes and posted about them a few days ago, I thought I would take the time to show some close-ups of a few of these over the next few days.

This one is from the first week of October.
Each of the Farmscapes is two-sided, meaning there is a complete artwork on each side.  I am selling them with a mat on each side so the buyer can easily turn the artwork over and view the other side.
So here is the reverse side of the above piece.      
What I really had fun with when making these
was responding to the stitching on each side which informed the collaging and painting.

Each collage is 11 x 15" without the mat and
15 x 19" matted.  They are unframed so you can
select framing that suits your own tastes.

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